Eric Vincent

Recruitment Consultant

Region/Territory: French market


Phone: +44(0)1454 275 954

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My bio

About me:

I am Eric, I am the Headford Group Frenchie. I have been living in Bristol for 6 years. This city is amazing. The Culture and sport are everywhere.

I love walking in the field and enjoy some time with my friends in the pub. Love fish and chips and seafood.

Relevant experience/qualifications:

I have got a Sales Background in France and in England. I have a passion for my job. I like to connect people and make sure they will get on well and do a great job together.

Recruitment is an exciting sector. You learn every single day.


I am an outdoor man. I like walking, running, visiting some new places around Somerset.

Favourite animal:

Cats are my favourites animals. Independent and cuddly

Interesting fact:

“Give to Get” in my Motto. In my previous experience in Sales, one of my customer was not happy at all because we haven’t changed his phone number.  Was new in a company and he started to shout a me. I made sure I changed everything he would like to change ASAP and he becomes my best customer.