• Full time
  • Belgium
  • €36,000 to €50,000 (DOE) USD / YEAR
  • Salary: €36,000 to €50,000 (DOE)
  • Possible to work remotely: 2 to 4 days

Headford Europe

Freight & Logistics industry specialists

Main task
To distribute, organise and control, in compliance with the regulations and safety rules, the daily activities of his team (processing of air and sea operations), while carrying out the same activities if necessary.


  • To be the guarantor of customer satisfaction: to be personally involved in the customer relationship, both from an operational and commercial point of view.
  • Monitoring the various business lines supervised: keeping abreast of operational issues within its scope and contributing to the cohesion/mutual support between the departments within its scope.
  • Suggesting operational solutions: Suggesting strategies for the development of the organisation to improve its efficiency and optimise the means at its disposal to achieve its profitability and quality objectives.
  • Analysing and comparing proposals for purchases and services: giving preference to internal Group solutions and/or recommendations from the business and/or hierarchy. Selecting transport service providers capable of meeting the defined criteria (price, quality, reliability, deadlines) in a constant concern for customer satisfaction.
  • Get involved in the operational side: Adapt a transport operation to unforeseen circumstances and correct a transport anomaly by implementing alternative solutions. Choose the most suitable transport solution for the customer’s needs, taking into account all the constraints
    (technical, regulatory…).


  • To manage all the activities within its perimeter: Suggest efficiency improvements to the organisation of the various activities within its scope (Maritime & Air) while encouraging team members to share their practices. Develop the teams’ understanding of the entity’s orientations.
  • Facilitating and optimising relations within the entity: Identifying people in the team who are capable of transmitting know-how and gathering and listening to the expectations and difficulties experienced by the team. Encourage the expression of needs, ideas or proposals from his/her team(s).
  • Monitor and control operations: implement means of control within its teams in order to guarantee the operational continuity of services.
  • Applying and monitoring the application of standards/procedures as well as legislation and regulations in force within the team.
  • To be the guarantor of the quality of service and to monitor the progress of operations in terms of time, quality and profitability.
  • Organise work: Distribute the entity’s activities among its employees according to their skills, while ensuring that the team’s workload is adjusted according to priorities and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Define the versatility of the team members and propose changes in the organisation to optimise efficiency.
  • Manage priority activities: Identify and prioritise activities taking into account internal and external constraints (urgency, importance…) to plan their processing
  • Assessing/evaluating employees: assessing the skills and performance of an employee in relation to his/her position. Set individual objectives adapted to the results to be achieved, the means of support and the monitoring/inspection methods.
  • Manage the team: Create and maintain a regular dialogue with each member of the team; make important decisions. To this end, he/she will also conduct individual interviews with his/her colleagues and propose to his/her superiors any changes that may be required. If necessary, assume a position in a conflict situation with a member of the team.
  • Carry out the monitoring and reporting of your activity: Carry out regular reporting with your line manager and identify events or malfunctions that need to be reported. Completing and following up activity monitoring and/or forecasting tools (dashboards, statistics, indicators, etc.)
  • Identify events or malfunctions within the department: take action
    and report them to their superiors. Train employees to use the available tools correctly.


  • Respecting administrative standards: To have a permanent concern for the administrative management (profitability, unbilled files, delays in invoicing duties and taxes, lost files, etc.) of files.
    Drawing up weekly minutes of its operational meetings and on this occasion a summary of the administrative progress of the files
  • Participate in the synthesis of monthly figures: carry out relevant reporting, participate in the analysis
    and propose improvements on the basis of the discrepancies identified.

Expected Perfornmances

  • Satisfying customers and the network
  • To be the guarantor of the smooth running of services and social cohesion
  • Develop solidarity, complementarity and synergies with the Group’s agencies
  • To manage all activities within its scope with a view to profitability, optimisation and security
  • Ensuring the fluidity and adequacy of physical and information flows
  • Meet administrative & operational requirements through personal involvement
  • Put in place the means to monitor the achievements of his team
  • Carry out regular reporting on the various departments within its scope
  • Ensure compliance with AEO, ISO 9001 and/or Freight Security requirements


Foreign languages

  • English language practice

Other knowledge

  • Standards and procedures related to its activity
  • Regular customers and service providers and their particularities Different types of freight transport documents Organisation and functioning of an operating site Different types of freight transport documents Customs requirements


Relational skills

Ability to convey positive or negative messages smoothly and constructively, showing situational ‘intelligence


The ability to work in an orderly and methodical manner with a view to accuracy, precision and
accuracy and punctuality

Sense of organsations and Anticipation

Necessary in managing priorities

Quality awareness

Ability to carry out activities or operations with application, to systematically check their reliability in order to consistently deliver quality work

Compliance with requirements

Ability to carry out daily activities with reference to practices, standards and procedures, regulations and company policy, to solve problems with reference to solutions already in use or to innovate to achieve a similar goal.


Facilitating relations within the department and uniting around a project

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